Welcome to Egypt, where giant pyramids, iconic cities and picture-perfect beaches wait to be explored. Watch as our guide, Michael, takes you on a whistle-stop tour of this incredible country, whose world-famous sights span the centuries like nowhere else on Earth. Stop by Luxor Temple, sail down the River Nile, and find out which beaches to relax on when you’re done exploring. He’ll fill you in on essentials like what to wear when you’re visiting ancient sites and where to go for the best snorkelling, too.
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Contents of the video and timings can be found below. Simply click on the time of the section you want to learn more about.
00:00 Welcome
00:37 Flight time
00:48 Currency and food
1:03 Visa information
1:20 Ancient sites
1:30 Language
1:43 Weather
2:00 Dress code
2:16 Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada
2:31 Snorkelling at Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve
2:53 Luxor
3:15 Hurghada Desert
3:28 Markets and bazaars
3:35 The River Nile
3:44 The Giftun Islands
3:49 Nightlife