Title: KAMAKURA/ Japan Travel Guide

Welcome to an ancient city with a history of inhabitants stretching back 10,000 years, Kamakura developed into the political medieval Japan and was the site of numerous battles, mainly during Kamakura period, which ended in 1333 with a brutal siege. The city originally had seven entrances, also know as the mouths of Kamakura, but has since been opened up with roads and tunnels for more city like feel and less of battlefield stronghold. These days there is plenty to explore for everyone, one of which is this magnificent Hasedera Temple. A very popular tourist destination. It’s famous for having one of largest wooden statues in Japan, that of Kannon, the goddess of Mercy. The temple is located at the top of the mountain, so visitors are rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding are. It’s beautiful all year round. This temple has one of the top famous sight seeing place in the city. This temple is amazing, from museum that host an amazing collection of old objects and sculptors, to the scenic road with a great view of the sea. stunning place much more to see than temple. The grounds are spectacular with lots of different plants, trees and
temples beautiful flowers .

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